DealDefi Network

A Scalable Heterogenous Blockchain For Lending/Borrowing & Market Place Decentralized Finance.

Why DealDefi?

i) Minimum or no network/gas fee

Some transactions are free. The rest have minimal fees as compared to other networks.

ii) Decentralization

The DealDefi Network runs on the Ethereum protocol which is decentralized.

iii) Instant Transactions

The DealDefi Network transactions are fast, secure and efficient.

iv) Privacy

Transactions are private by default.

DealDefi Use Cases

i) Store of Value

The DealDefi Token (DDFI) is the utility token in the DealDefi network.

ii) 3rd Party Defi Apps

The DealDefi SDK will be usable by developers as an application layer to build third party apps.

iii) Banks

Since central banks are in thought of making their own digital currencies, the DealDefi network will provide a sufficient application layer and underlying protocols to build digital currencies and relevant apps.

DealDefi Wallet

The DealDefi wallet is an ERC20 wallet where users can HODL their DealDefi Tokens, store selected ERC20 tokens,stake and receive their staking rewards.

DealDefi Pouch

The DefiDeal Pouch is an asset manager where users can borrow and lend ERC20 tokens, swap from one ERC20 token to another and stake $DDFI for other ERC20 tokens.

  • Swap
  • Wrapper
  • Lend/Borrow
  • Pool


Our Core Team

Joshua Patrick
Co-Founder & CEO

Joshua is an experienced Computer Systems Engineer with a 12 years hands on experience in managing a systems and telecommunication companies.His inclination is in innovation and building systems that address the technical & financial needs of the current world. Since 2015 he has played a key role in the establishment of blockchain & cryptocurrency companies such Digi Pesa Ltd and Totalcoin Ltd both growing companies.

Satyam Agrawal
Technical Executive & Lead Dev.

Satyam is a Blockchain Engineer with experience in the design and development of Enterprise Applications with a track record of incorporating user and business requirements into cost-effective, secure and user-friendly solutions known for scalability and durability. Innovator of next-generation solutions, systems, and applications producing outstanding results for users.Satyam provides support from requirements, analysis through design, coding, testing, debugging, implementation and integration.